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Credit Photographer Matt & Lena Photography

Ceremony conducted by Wedding Celebrant Jane Welch

Nikki & Jon's

Wedding Ceremony 

"We can't thank you enough Jane! The journey from our first meeting, crafting the ceremony together and finally the ceremony itself, every step is so personal and professional. We loved how you brought our story to life, both romantic and humorous with a beautiful hand blessing. You have such a lovely way with words and our guests commented on what a beautifully written and presented ceremony it was."

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can we hold our ceremony?

Once your marriage has been legally registered your choices are endless, from a luxury hotel, rustic barn, romantic garden or castle, to a pretty vineyard, beautiful farm, marquee, tipee or woodland, or simply a place that has a special meaning to you both. However, it is always best to check if you need permission from your chosen venue or location to hold your ceremony. For outdoor wedding ceremonies remember to have a plan 'B'  to be on the safe side!


Can we have input into our ceremony?

Yes absolutely! We can work together to structure your ceremony exactly how you want it to run and you can include music, readings, your children and family too. You can also choose a variety of lovely and very personal unity ceremonies to incorporate as well.


How long does a ceremony usually take?

Your ceremony will be unique to you, so it depends on what you want to say to each other and also what else you want to include. Readings, music and unity ceremonies can really add a personal touch, it's your ceremony your way, so how long it is is up to you!


Do we stand up or sit down for the ceremony?

Most couples stand for their ceremony, so they can be seen by their families and friends. However, if you prefer to sit then just let your wedding organiser know if you need chairs or not, so they can lay out the ceremony area as you want it.


Can we sign a commemorative certificate on the day?

I have a lovely complimentary commemorative ' Pink Flamingo' certificate  to sign as a keepsake, it' also provides a great moment in the ceremony for photos. 

Will you help us with the choreography of the ceremony?

I will! I write the choreography and directions into your ceremony, so everyone is confident they know where to be and when. Many couples like the day of the ceremony to be the first time that they go through the choreography, it really adds to the excitement and anticipation of the moment. However, if you want to have rehearsal before the day, then we can arrange that. I make a separate charge depending on the location, travel and accommodation, if required. 


Do we, as the couple, supply the materials for a 'Unity Ceremony'?

Yes, you supply all of the materials needed. There are lots of options on the internet, or you can be creative and make your own!


We have been married before, is a symbolic wedding ceremony right for us?

Absolutely, as couples who have been married before often want to have a different sort of ceremony when they say 'I do'. A symbolic wedding ceremony is the perfect way to have a different feel to your special day. It can be as formal or relaxed as you want it to be and can include your blended family and friends, making it feel really special. 


Do you conduct same-sex ceremonies?

Yes I do, I would be really delighted to plan a very personal, loving and meaningful ceremony for you.


Can you help us to write our vows or promises?

I certainly can! Writing your vows or promises is one of the most special parts of your ceremony to plan and I have ideas and examples

to inspire you.


How long are you there for on the day?

I usually arrive before the ceremony with time to have a chat with you, your wedding organiser and musicians. Once  your beautiful ceremony is finished I leave quietly, at an appropriate time, so you can enjoy the rest of your day celebrating with your loved ones.


What will you wear?

Usually something smart, but also happy to be casual.


When should we book you as our Wedding Celebrant?

Contact me as soon as you have your date and venue booked for a chat, inspiration and ideas.